Retirement and Incentive Planning


The Wealth Planning Company professionals help clients create customized retirement plans and employee incentive plans to ensure that employees stay long term and participate in tax and retirement savings.

401k Plan allows employees to contribute to their own retirement with either pre-tax or post-tax dollars.  Employers may make contributions on behalf of employees in the form of a match, non-elective contribution, or profit sharing feature.  Earnings accrue tax-free, and may be rolled into another qualified account after termination of employment.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan allows for employee's compensation to be deferred until the happening of an event in the future (e.g., meeting sales goals, termination of employment, disability, death, etc.).  Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans are extremely flexible, allow for deferral of income for employees, and provide immense benefits to employers.  They may be used to supplement retirement savings above a 401k Plan.

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) can be used to keep employees focused on company performance and share price appreciation.  Because employees become shareholders under an ESOP, they may have an extra motivation to work hard to ensure the company's stock performs well.

An employee stock option allows an employee to purchase company stock at a fixed price for a limited time.  Stock options may set up as incentive stock options or non-qualified stock options, and may be used to accomplish many different goals.

Cash Balance Plan is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that acts like a Pension Plan, but with a few features that look like a 401k.  Employees like Cash Balance Plans because their money is portable, and can be taken as lump-sum or rolled into an IRA.  Employers like Cash Balance Plans because, in some circumstances, they may be able to defer hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, well beyond the IRS limit for other Plans.

An individual taxpayer can establish Individual Retirement Plan (IRA), and may contribute 100% of compensation up to a certain dollar limit.  Individual Retirement Accounts may be established with pre-tax (Traditional) or post-tax (ROTH) dollars, and may be a valuable tax management tool for individuals and families.

Retirement Planning Options

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