Qualified Domestic Relations Orders


The Wealth Planning Company associates help clients obtain Qualified Domestic Relations Orders to divide retirement assets in companies of all industries and sizes, including federal military benefits, state and local retirement plans, ESOPs, 401ks, and pension plans.  

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is the legal document that divides retirement assets pursuant to a divorce. 

In Kentucky, retirement assets are considered marital property in a divorce proceeding.  In other words, if you or your spouse accumulated retirement assets during your marriage, each of you may be entitled to a portion of those assets upon your divorce. 

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders may be used to enforce marital property rights, fund child support obligations, and fund maintenance obligations.  If either spouse is delinquent in paying child support or maintenance, a QDRO may be used to take retirement assets to satisfy the obligation.

It is important to have QDROs drafted as soon as possible after your divorce is granted.  Waiting to get your QDROs done may have disastrous consequences, including loss of benefits and judicial findings of contempt.